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Healthy Change, Healthy You

What Is DUI Risk Education?

DUI risk education is a 10-hour educational program informing you about the dangers and the impact of alcohol and/or drug use on individual and driving behaviors. 

At The IDS Group Chicago, our intent to help reduce the risk of recidivism to enhance awareness and public safety. From the program, you will learn:

  • Information on alcohol and other drugs
  • Physiological and pharmacological effects of alcohol and other drugs on the body
  • The effects on driving behavior/skills while under the influence of alcohol and other drugs
  • The differences between misuse, abuse, and dependence on alcohol and other drugs
  • How alcohol and other drugs affect family dynamics
  • BAC levels and its impact on driving ability
  • DUI laws
  • Factors that can influence misuse and abuse of alcohol and other drugs
  • Information on referral services

How Quickly Can I Finish Risk Education?

The State of Illinois requires that risk education be spread out over no less than a minimum of four sessions. However, some may complete it in five sessions. 

Our agency offers you the FLEXIBILITY of making your OWN schedule and choosing what days work best for you each week. With the right planning, you can complete the program in just a little over a week.


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