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Anger Management Services

Anger is a natural emotion that we all possess; however, when acted on inappropriately, it can cause long-term damage to self and others. Learning how to live and cope with our own personal anger is essential for healthy relationships. When we learn how to channel our anger in a positive way, it can be productive.

At The IDS Group Chicago, we understand that doing so requires some guidance, practice, and effort. It is obvious that you cannot control the actions of others; nevertheless, you can use your anger in a constructive way that does not damage your relationships with those around you.


Anger Management Groups

We offer a six week, eight week or twelve week 1.5-hour individual and/or group sessions at our facility in Chicago, Illinois. 

Sessions cover the following information:

• The Power of Anger

• What’s Good About Anger

• Anger and Assertiveness

• Managing Conflict

• When to Take a Time-Out

• Why Change Your Thinking?

• How Emotional Intelligence Impacts Anger

• Building Healthy and Successful Relationships


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